bald head island golfTee Time: Bald Head Island Golf 

North Carolina is regarded as one of the best states in the country among golf enthusiasts thanks to its incredible array of award-winning championship courses. But, as remarkable as many of the state’s top courses are, few compare to the fabulous golf course on Bald Head Island – the Bald Head Island Club.

The Bald Head Island Club was recognized in 2013 as the #7 golf course in the state by GOLFWEEK magazine. Here’s everything you need to know about this fantastic course for your next golf outing on our beautiful island.

About the Course

The golf course at the Bald Head Island Club was originally designed by architect George Cobb, one of the premier golf course designers of his time. More recently, the course underwent a significant renovation under the eye of architect Tim Cate. The result is a stunning transformation that makes the Bald Head Island Club golf course one of the best in the country and an excellent challenge for testing every golfer’s skill. The course even offers a wide variety of instructional programs for everyone from new golfers to old pros looking to improve their game.

The golf course at the Bald Head Island Club is coastal golfing at its very best. It not only envelopes the player in some of the most beautiful natural settings on the island, but the ever-present breeze off the coast and the strategically-placed hazards and course contours truly make for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Guest Memberships

In order to enjoy the activities and golf at the Bald Head Island Club, you’ll have to purchase a guest membership (with golf access). Many vacation home rentals come with Golf or Sports membership access, so always ask your rental agent before purchasing a guest membership.

You can also play as a guest of a member. But, even as a guest of a member, you are still required to adhere to the Club’s dress codes.

Golf Tournaments on BHI

Not everybody wants to play golf; some just want to watch a tournament in person. In this case, the Bald Head Island Club has everything you need. Throughout the year, the Club’s golf course hosts as many as 14 annual tournaments. Popular tournaments include the Habitat for Humanity Outing, the 4th of July Proximity Bash, the Junior Club Championship, the Club Championship, the Ladies Invitational, and many others. For a complete list of tournaments, click here.

Fall is the Best Time to Golf on Bald Head Island

Thanks to its ideal location just off the coast of North Carolina, the golf course on Bald Head Island provides year-round golfing action. But, with its low humidity days, comfortable temperatures, and calm winds, fall makes for one of the very best times to hit the links on BHI.

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