Winter Bird Watching on Bald Head Island

One of the most alluring things about Bald Head Island is its acres and acres of unspoiled nature. From lush forests to wetlands to the coastal areas, Bald Head Island is rife with natural landscapes where local wildlife enjoy living in habitats untouched and unaltered by human hands. This makes the island somewhat of a mecca among nature lovers, but particularly among those who love bird watching.

If you’re a bird watcher who wanted to visit BHI all year long but weren’t able to, and you think you’ve missed your chance with winter rolling in; you’re going to be pleased to discover that winter bird watching on Bald Head Island still holds plenty of excitement for you. Here’s just some of the birds you’ll be able to catch glimpses of in the winter on Bald Head.

Common Winter Birds on Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island features plenty of areas where you can catch sightings of some beautiful species of birds because much of the island is very carefully preserved. As a result, the local wildlife have the opportunity to flourish and this makes the island especially fluent with aviary species. In fact, according to the Bald Head Island Conservancy, the island is home to at least 244 documented species, including:

There is also a wide variety of ducks that call the island home.

How to Enjoy Birding on BHI

Your bird watching adventure will almost assuredly start before you even reach Bald Head Island as your ride on the ferry will usually present a few photo opportunities, so be sure you have your camera at-the-ready.

Once on BHI, you can visit the BHI Conservancy for one of its two-hour guided birding tours. By going on a guided tour, you’ll be sure to see some of the local wildlife and birds unique to the coastal Carolina shores. Or, you can take a self-guided tour of the island’s nature preservations, forests, and shorelines.

You can also hit the links at the Bald Head Island Golf Club as it is widely considered to be one of the best places on the island to catch bird sightings.

What to Bring for a Successful Bird Watching Vacation

Winter on Bald Head Island can get quite chilly, but not so cold that it will ruin your bird watching experience. However, in order to be as comfortable as possible while you’re out and about, you should bring along a coat, scarf, gloves, a hat, a rain poncho, and waterproof shoes. Other gear to bring with you for a better experience includes:

Plan Your Winter Bird Watching Trip to BHI and Enjoy a Memorable Experience

Bald Head Island is a hot spot of action in the winter months, so if you really want to enjoy a more private bird watching excursion, then winter is the time to come to the island. There is still an incredible diversity of birds on the island throughout the winter season, so don’t stay away just because the weather’s turned chillier or you might just miss the bird watching experience of a lifetime.  

If you would like more information about Bald Head Island activities, just fill out this contact form for the Bald Head Island Chamber of Commerce. We will send you a welcome packet with everything you need to know about visiting our beautiful island.  

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